6-Hour Program

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IT and Health Care are rapidly converging as a result of fast-paced innovation in health-focused information technology and new regulatory and operational requirements faced by health care providers that are met by these innovations.   This requires institutions, IT companies and the lawyers who advise them, and investors to reevaluate and revise existing agreements, address intellectual property issues, and formulate new forms of agreements for new technology -- including remote, retail, personalized and assisted living health care.  Challenges posed by data security and cyber-attacks and privacy aspects of data sharing must be enhanced at the same time that data analytics,  mobile and cloud computing  are being used to improve patient outcomes, drug development and other aspects of the health care ecosystem.   This conference brings together legal experts from key legal areas to provide practical guidance so that lawyers can create value in advising clients on in health care IT legal fields.

What You Will Learn

• Tips for negotiating health care IT agreements

• A look at the use of artificial intelligence in health care and the state of the law

• Latest developments in outsourcing and health care technology

• Best practices for handling cybersecurity

• What innovative health care technology is hot and why

Program Level: Overview

Intended Audience: Attorneys and allied professionals representing health care organizations and life science companies or in-house counsel at health care organizations and life science companies.

Prerequisites: An interest in the laws governing the development and use of health care technology

Advanced Preparation: None

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