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This program has expired for credit in many jurisdictions. Please check the status of your jurisdiction prior to launching the program.

In today’s legal practice, lawyers often work across cultures to provide legal representation.  As a diverse profession interacts with a diverse client base, lawyers improve interactions with their clients and other legal players by understanding how culture shapes legal practices and interactions and developing skills and approaches that help them be effective cross-cultural lawyers.  All lawyering is cross cultural because non-lawyers have not been socialized or introduced to legal culture.  

Using examples from her practice, Professor Susan Bryant will: 

  • Explore how lawyers can work across cultures to introduce clients to the legal culture;
  • Discuss how lawyers can better build client trust;
  • Explain how lawyers can improve fact gathering; and
  • Address how lawyers can engage clients in effective decision making.   

Register now for this timely presentation as part of the ABA’s National Celebrate Pro Bono Week.

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