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Why You Should Attend

 As the nation continues to deal with the impact of the war in Ukraine, the consequences of the pandemic, supply chain interruptions, cyber threats, inflation and other economic issues, and climate change, the procurement system– or application of its principles in other areas such as grants— is frequently the focus of efforts to focus support, incentivize new industries, and technologies, increase wages, spur vaccine development and use, and other purposes.  Companies accepting federal contracts or other forms of funding are faced with new approaches, laws, regulations, executive orders, and compliance requirements.  In some instances, the requirements have been challenged in court– adding to uncertainty.  Some have raised questions about the scope of the Government’s ability to use its procurement authority.  There is little dispute, however, that the process has become more complex and, in some instances uncertain in application.  What additional “reforms” does Congress have in mind?  What will be impact of the new Infrastructure and Jobs Act on procurement?  How or will the changes affect national defense?  How will the courts and GAO view the influx of new requirements?  In addition, these changes have placed increased emphasis on use of the False Claims Act (“FCA”) to address compliance with new regulations, contracts, and other funding mechanisms. However, the FCA and its impact on the structure and performance of contracts has not been a focus.  This program will bring together leading government contracts law practitioners and policy makers for an in-depth discussion of important policy, business, and enforcement considerations involved in participating in this market.  How these trends affect companies operating in the federal government space will also be discussed.

What You Will Learn

  • After completing this program, participants will be able to:
  • Describe new and pending policy and regulatory changes and risks that contractors face
  • Analyze and address how agencies are implementing the new requirements and programs
  • Understand dispute resolution with the federal government and learn which recent decisions the judiciary sees as important
  • Understand the procurement tools and approaches the government can use to help address the increasing numbers of crises the country is facing 
  • Address whether and where commercial products and services may play a role
  • Obtain an understanding regarding the function of the False Claims Act as a tool to protect compliance with requirements and support the ability of Government to effectively implement programs

Who Should Attend

 This program is designed for both companies and government agencies, and their counsel that are endeavoring to understand the rapidly changing marketplace.


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