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Companies doing business with the Federal Government are faced with a plethora of new laws and regulations – some seemingly at odds with others. Congress has enacted hundreds of new provisions in the past several years in an expressed intent to "reform" the procurement process, but adding new layers of complexity, e.g. the boundaries between Other Transaction Agreements (OTAs) and procurement contracts, new cybersecurity requirements, and much more. At the same time, the Section 809 Panel presented Congress with almost 100 recommendations on simplifying procurement to quickly put ‘lethality into the hands of the warfighter.”  What has Congress done, or will it do, with these recommendations? The False Claims Act ("FCA") is increasingly used to enforce contract terms and to interpret regulations, yet the impact of the FCA on acquisition is seldom addressed. This program will bring together leading government contracts law practitioners and policy makers for an in-depth discussion of important business considerations involved in participating in this market.  Recent trends and best practices for companies operating in the federal government space will also be discussed.

What You Will Learn

  • Discuss new and pending policy and regulatory changes and risks that contractors face
  • Review dispute resolution with the federal government and learn which recent decisions the judiciary sees as important
  • Learn about transparency and reporting requirements— practical consequences of “simplification”
  • Discuss whether the effort to "commercialize" acquisition is reducing competition
  • Analyze the function of the False Claims Act as a means to address the perception that the process is not fair or transparent
  • Learn how infrastructure projects will be impacted from a government contracts standpoint

Who Should Attend

This program is designed for both companies and government agencies, and their counsel that are endeavoring to understand the rapidly changing marketplace.


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