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Asset managers today have a global presence and investment funds are built and designed with a view to cross-border distribution. As a result, legal and compliance professionals have an increasing need to identify and understand the legal framework applying to global investment funds.  This program will target those issues that are involved with offering cross-border services to non-US clients and foreign advisers offering services in the United States. It will also discuss issues related to global custodians who service these asset managers. 

What You Will Learn

  • European regulatory issues including MiFID and AIFM
  • FinTech and global investment funds
  • Marketing shares of US funds abroad
  • Alternative funds
  • The impact regarding the growing trend of activist investing

Program Level: Basic

Prerequisites: An interest in global asset management. 

Intended Audience: This program is aimed at legal and compliance personnel in the global asset management business.  It is designed to be valuable to lawyers in law firms and global financial institutions.

Other Prerequisite (PLI program, if necessary): None

Advanced Prep: None

Credit Details

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