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For the first time in history, there are five generations in the workforce.  In many cases, there are challenges between generations in how they prefer to communicate, receive information, establish career goals and develop interpersonal relationships at work.  This is particularly true with respect to how law firm associates and partners view use of technology, work ethic and work/life balance.  Before the advent of e-discovery, artificial intelligence, smart machines and other technologies, attorneys used to socialize and build professional and personal bonds in the law firm library, on document review trips and due diligence teams going onsite, working together.  Some of these trips could last for several weeks.  Along with the extinction of most law firm libraries, offsite review trips have been replaced by documents being streamed through a server to a computer at their desk or laptop.  The opportunity to develop in-person relationships has been greatly reduced and this is exacerbated by a lack of mutual understanding from a generational perspective. The coronavirus pandemic has forced law firms to work remotely.  Now partners need to learn how to manage the associates virtually. This presentation will increase attorneys’ understanding of the generational differences between law firm associates and partners, as well as, strategies and practices to close the intergenerational gap when working in person or remotely.

Expert faculty will:

  • Review the common intergenerational interactions between associates and partners in law firms and where gaps exist;
  • Provide specific examples to help partners and associates enhance communication and achieve mutual understanding;
  • Invite the generational perspective of an associate and retired partner to share their concerns and proposed solutions for closing the communication gap; and
  • Offer ideas to build an inclusive culture




Cheryl Allen-Ricciardi, Esq., Associate, Pierce Atwood LLP 

Marc S. Friedman, Esq., Former Managing Partner and current Executive Coach, Master Consulting LLC

Natalie Loeb – Founder, CEO & Executive Leadership Coach, Loeb Leadership

David B. Sarnoff, Esq. – Director of Strategic Partnerships & Executive Leadership Coach, Loeb Leadership




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