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Registration fee waivers and discounts are widely available to attorneys, paralegals and staff working in nonprofit and legal services organizations; pro bono volunteers (providing no-fee legal assistance to clients individually or through an organization); government attorneys; judges and judicial law clerks; law professors and law students; senior attorneys (age 65 and over); unemployed attorneys; and others with financial hardship.  All qualified individuals are encouraged to apply.

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Long-Term Services and Supports (LTSS) are a range of non-medical services for people who need help with basic daily activities due to a disability or chronic condition provided in a variety of settings – from institutional to home and community-based.   Half of the population turning age 65 today will need LTSS at some point in the future.  At the same time, roughly half of the adult population needing LTSS is under age 65.  

The aging of the population will more than double the number of Americans needing LTSS over the next three decades.   Today, family caregivers are the primary source of LTSS.  Over half of all paid LTSS is provided by the Medicaid program; and only about a tenth of the population over age 50 have private long-term care insurance.   People with LTSS needs must spend their financial resources to become eligible for Medicaid. 

This briefing will describe the challenge we face as individuals and as a nation in addressing the lack of affordability and the growing demand, the changes underway in Medicaid and Medicare, and innovations that offer the potential to contribute to a solution.

Please join G. Lawrence Atkins, Executive Director, Long-Term Quality Alliance, as he:

  • Discusses the challenges in financing and meeting the needs of a growing population in need of long-term services and supports (LTSS)
  • Reviews innovation underway in providing and financing LTSS
  • Discusses what it will take to bring about the change needed to meet these challenges

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