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Why You Should Attend
Blockchain is a fundamental technology which will dramatically transform all industries. We have recently seen the rise of non-fungible tokens and the fall of crypto, which will be discussed in detail. Blockchains will also impact lawyers and law firms directly through the implementation of smart contracts. This program will provide an overview of the technology as well as the emerging legal issues lawyers need to understand to effectively assist companies with blockchain implementations.
What You Will Learn
- Learning the critical basics of blockchain technology, how different blockchains work, and their intersection with smart contracts
- Learning about the rise of "NFT's" (non-fungible tokens), use cases and ownership issues
- Analyzing the fall of cryptocurrency, and applying the bankruptcy framework to crypto companies
- Understanding the basics of decentralized finance, decentralized autonomous organizations and other blockchain entities
- Analyzing critical future issues for blockchain and digital assets
Special Features
Cutting-edge faculty with Silicon Valley insiders
Who Should Attend
Lawyers from law firms and in-house counsel

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