6-Hour Program

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Why You Should Attend

This interactive program will provide junior through mid-level attorneys with an overview of the applicable Federal and New York State Rules of Civil Procedure, and strategic practice tips to use when taking and defending depositions and preparing witnesses. Seasoned litigators will explain how to prepare for as well as take and defend expert witness depositions. Panelists will further analyze examination technics and discuss the increasing importance of deposition testimony in motion practice, at trial, and when evaluating the merits of a case for settlement. Our faculty of experienced litigators will share their insights and provide practical advice to guide you through every facet of the deposition process and will give you tips to develop the fundamental skills for taking and defending depositions. We also guide a discussion of important ethical issues that may arise during depositions. Gain a better understanding of the tactical and strategic considerations behind the deposition techniques employed in high-stakes litigation so that you can confidently prepare for and take your next deposition.

What You Will Learn  

  • Deciding where each deposition fits into your overall discovery plan and litigation strategy
  • Learning how to effectively prepare for a deposition, including preparing an outline and selecting exhibits
  • Mastering the nuts and bolts of taking a deposition, including using stipulations, objections, and use of exhibits
  • Exploring techniques you can use to deal with difficult adversaries and witnesses
  • Finding out how to defend the deposition by making objections, instructing the witness, going off the record and more.
  • Discovering how to prepare and depose expert witnesses
  • Ensuring you accomplish your deposition goals

Special Features

  • Earn transitional Skills credit
  • Earn one hour of Ethics credit

Credit Available

  • CLE and CPD

Credit Details