6-Hour Program

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Why You Should Attend

Recent years showcased the range of novel challenges copyright law still faces as technology spawns revolutionary ways to create, share, consume and display copyrightable works.  In many cases, fledgling tech upstarts have rose up to become the new media establishment in just a few years, first pushing at the bounds of copyright law to now stand as the figurative Goliath in some copyright law matters. 

This program continues to serve as a necessary first step for PLI members who want to learn about copyright law.  The agenda blends a unique mix of copyright law basics review with a survey of copyright law hot topics in case law and regulatory developments. 

What You Will Learn

  • Copyright law basics – ownership, registration, protections, terms, renewal
  • Enforcing copyrights – protecting and litigating copyrights
  • Intermediary liability and the DMCA
  • Copyright and digital streaming
  • New case law and hot topics in copyright law

Who Should Attend

Attorneys learning about copyright law for the first time or seeking the latest updates should find this program helpful.

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