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Attend this Briefing and get up to speed on one of the most important (and controversial) cases in the patent licensing/antitrust area, FTC v. Qualcomm (2020). Our patent licensing and antitrust experts will take you on a deep dive and give you an understanding of the big picture (and current status) of antitrust scrutiny of patent licensing. You’ll also learn about the implications for structuring SEP/RAND licensing programs and negotiations.

Joseph Yang of PatentEsque Law Group, LLP, a specialist in patent licensing, especially SEPs and RAND issues and Robert P. Taylor of RPT Legal Strategies PC, an IP and antitrust issues specialist in business, licensing and litigation matters will discuss:

  • How the FTC waged (and lost) a huge battle against Qualcomm’s aggressive patent licensing practices (45 minutes)
  • The major (philosophical & policy) split between the DOJ and FTC regarding antitrust scrutiny of patent licensing (5 minutes)
  • Other significant pending SEP/RAND patent licensing cases, both in the U.S. and abroad (5 minutes)
  • Implications and practice tips for both licensors and licensees (10 minutes)



Credit Details

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