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On any given day, almost 450,000 people are held pretrial in local jails across the country. The vast majority are there because they cannot make bail. Nationally, the average bail set in a felony case is $10,000, yet the Federal Reserve estimates that 47% of Americans do not have even $400 at their disposal in an emergency. The result is a bail system where wealth determines pretrial liberty. Increasingly, a number of jurisdictions are looking to bail reform to end the criminalization of poverty, address racial disparities, eliminate the profit-making commercial bail industry, and reduce the number of people in jail.

Please join Insha Rahman, Program Director at the Vera Institute of Justice, to learn more about:

  • The historical roots of the modern bail reform movement;
  • Recent due process and equal protection litigation challenging the constitutionality of the money bail system;
  • Legislative changes to reduce or eliminate the use of money bail in jurisdictions ranging from Washington, D.C., New Jersey, and California; and
  • New developments on the horizon in the bail reform field.

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