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This presentation will address the damaging form of abuse often referred to as “revenge porn” - more appropriately termed cyber sexual abuse. Cyber sexual abuse is a form of gender-based violence--the vast majority of victims of cyber sexual abuse are female, and, according to one study, over 90% of victims suffered severe emotional distress due to the abuse. In addition to the slew of news reports concerning celebrities who have been victims of cyber sexual abuse in the last few years, studies across the world have shown a marked increase in disclosure of private sexual photos as a crime.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been an increased opportunity for this, and other forms of technology-facilitated abuse, to exist online. The training will discuss the ways in which abusers can harass, stalk, and coerce through technology and online spaces, the incredibly damaging effects of this harassment, and cases of victims who have been affected by this form of abuse. This presentation will provide advocates and attorneys the knowledge and tools to fight cyber sexual abuse through legal and non-legal means, as well as an overview of the forms of cyber sexual abuse and the applicable law on the subject.

As part of the ABA’s National Celebrate Pro Bono Week and National Domestic Violence Awareness Month, please join Lindsey M.  Song, Senior Staff Attorney at Sanctuary for Families, and Andrew J. Sta. Ana, Director of Legal Services at Day One for this Briefing to learn more about:

  • A description of  cyber sexual abuse and other technology-facilitated abuse in intimate partner violence cases (25 minutes)
  • An overview of cyber sexual abuse laws on the state and federal level (7 minutes)
  • A case study of cyber sexual abuse in New York State and advocacy tools and tips to address  this form of abuse (18 minutes)
  • A discussion of remote advocacy skills in intimate partner violence cases (10 minutes)





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