6-Hour Program

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As fashion brands and retailers manage an increasingly competitive and technological marketplace and provide consumers with a greater variety of products and expanded retail platforms, significant and evolving risks-- including those created by the coronavirus pandemic-- present challenges for the lawyers who advise them. Attend this program and explore the key legal issues for brands and retailers, and investors in those sectors, in the current environment. Learn practical guidance from seasoned firm practitioners, in-house counsel, and industry experts. In-house counsel, outside counsel, and business professionals in the fashion and retail industries should attend this program.

What You Will Learn

  • Review important updates and recent case law in the intellectual property of fashion-- copyrights, trademarks, patents, and trade secrets
  • Examine the current status of international trade as it impact fashion
  • Explore creative ways deals and restructurings are taking shape in the fashion industry
  • Learn about new models of retail real estate and how the pandemic is shaping commercial real estate
  • Break down privacy and social media-specific issues retailers and brands are facing 

Program Level: Overview

Prerequisites: Interest in mergers and acquisitions involving the fashion and retail industry.

Intended Audience: Law firm attorneys, in-house counsel and allied professionals who work within the fashion and retail industry.

Advanced Prep: None


Credit Details

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