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Concerns about the use and misuse of facial recognition technology (FRT) have been magnified by the disclosure that an FRT startup, Clearview AI, has compiled a database of billions of photos “scraped” from various online sources and has shared these worldwide. This disclosure has itself been magnified further by the alleged hacking of the database. Clearview is now under investigation in both the United States and Canada and various agencies have barred it from being used for law enforcement purposes.

Please join Gail Gottehrer of the Law Office of Gail Gottehrer LLC and Ronald J. Hedges of Dentons US LLP as they:

  • Examine the benefits and risks of FRT;
  • Explore the nature of Clearview’s activities;
  • Consider how privacy laws such as the CCPA, the Illinois BIPA, and the NY SHIELD Act might apply to FRT; and
  • Address the nature of “shadow IT,” and how unknown conduct of employees of which employers are unaware might lead to hacking and wrongful disclosure of data.



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