3-Hour Program

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Why You Should Attend
Electronic information is all-pervasive and its use and misuse can pose serious ethical problems for attorneys. Attorneys use electronic information to communicate with the public and with clients, to advertise their services, and to prosecute and defend litigation. Electronic communications have now expanded to include social media and that media poses expanded opportunities and risks for attorneys.

Our faculty, which consists of private practitioners well-versed in the ethical issues presented by electronic information and who represent plaintiffs as well as defendants in civil litigation, will address the cutting edge ethical issues arising out of the electronic information that we use on a daily basis as attorneys.

What You Will Learn  

  • The “technology” amendments to the Model Rules of Professional Conduct
  • The baseline knowledge a competent attorney should have to deal with electronic information
  • The protection of confidentiality when using electronic information
  • The risks of waiver of attorney-client privilege and work product as well as confidentiality
  • The duty to supervise third-party service providers
  • The ethical use of social media for professional and business purposes
  • The ethical advice that should be given to a client about social media
  • The ethical use of social media to investigate witnesses and jurors
  • The ethical “do’s and don’ts” of communicating with judges
  • The ethical implications of electronic filing

Special Features

  • Earn three hours of Ethics credit
  • Half-Day program


Program Level: Overview
Intended Audience: This program will benefit every attorney and allied professional who uses or must deal with electronic information, whether to advertise, communicate or litigate. Whether you are in solo practice, with a small or "mega" firm, a corporation or a government agency, knowledge of the ethical implications of electronic communications - including social media - is essential to the successful practice of law today and tomorrow.
Prerequisites: None
Advanced Preparation: None 

Credit Details