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In today's ubiquitous and intrusive media environment, nothing is “off the record.”  A client is often found culpable in the court of public opinion long before there have been any decisions in a court.  The need to represent your client outside of the courtroom, especially when your client is being convicted there, requires specialized advocacy skills.

Andrea D. Lyon of Lyon Law will:

  • Address the ethical concerns in dealing with publicity and attendant social media coverage while representing your client well using an actual scenario from a high-profile case to illustrate the many parties and platforms that may sway the court of public opinion and ultimately affect your client’s position inside the courtroom;
  • Discuss the Rules of Professional Conduct that prescribe a lawyer’s professional responsibilities regarding competence, communication and trial publicity on the part of both the attorney and commentators, many of whom are lawyers; and
  • Review guidance for lawyers and commentators put forth by the American College of Trial Lawyers and the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.



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