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This program continues to deliver lively analysis of recent legal ethics developments and their related practice pointers for corporate lawyers.  Our expert panel will discuss common ethical pitfalls arising out of multijurisdictional practice along with related ethical issues that corporate lawyers often face.  The faculty will also address how jurisdictional distinctions regarding an ethics matter can prompt changes in the way counsel approaches that same matter, depending on where he or she practices.


What You Will Learn

  • Developments in multijurisdictional practice (including the interplay of various state ethics rules, enforcement regimes, and U.S. rules vs. international rules)
  • Updates regarding confidentiality, the attorney-client privilege, and the attorney work-product doctrine (including disclosure obligations to third parties, the status of government pressure to waive, selective waiver, and inadvertent waiver)
  • Current issues in multiple representation and conflicts of interest
  • Ethical concerns in witness preparation and internal investigations
  • Ethical concerns when representing multinational clients
  • Whistleblower remedies for corporate counsel
  • Current issues involving conflicts of interest, multiple representation, and “no contact” rules
  • Dangers to lawyers with clients facing parallel investigations and lawyer exposure to civil and regulatory liability
  • Lawyer liability issues resulting from recent decisions


Special Feature

Earn 2 hours of Ethics credit


Credit Details

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