2-Hour Program

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At this interactive program, based on a new series of video scenarios dramatizing important ethics issues in corporate practice, program participants “vote” electronically on the correct ethical responses, followed by faculty review, discussion, and explanation.  

What You Will Learn

  • Representing multi-entity enterprises, some of which are not wholly owned
  • Assignments that should be turned down
  • New developments in confidentiality, attorney-client privilege, and conflicts of interest
  • Litigation funding issues 
  • Collecting information and use of private investigators
  • Misrepresentation, fraudulent nondisclosure and omissions 
  • Threatening and disciplinary action and the duty to report ethics violations

CPE Program Level: Overview
Intended Audience: This program is intended for all lawyers in corporate practice as well as allied professionals.
Prerequisites: Some familiarity with corporate practice is advised.
Advanced Preparation: None 

Credit Details

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