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Why You Should Attend

PLI’s Annual Estate Planning Institute is considered a staple for those advising high-net worth individuals and partnerships on trusts and estate preparation.  Now in its 52nd year, this master class is more important than ever. After all, even seasoned advisors were challenged by the uncertainty imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic on otherwise solid trusts and estates arrangements.  Yet while the specifics of clients’ short- and long-term objectives might have changed over the last year, long-standing goals of preserving assets and minimizing tax burdens remain unabated.

This two-day program is essential training for sophisticated estate planning.  The faculty will parse through complex tax codes and explain recent legislation as a framework for instruction on how to effectuate clients’ wealth building strategies while planning for fundamental life changes.

What You Will Learn

  • Key estate tax rules prompted by the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Credit shelter trust planning
  • How to successfully modify wills and trusts
  • Tax issues particular to Non-Resident Aliens
  • RMDs under the SECURE Act
  • Analyze the impact of low interest rates on transfer tax planning
  • Understand CLATs and current Section 7520 rates
  • Learn the distinct considerations for estate tax v. income tax planning
  • Medicare, Social Security and other core planning for life changes
  • NEW! Planning in assisted reproduction scenarios including intended surrogacy, gamete custody, and posthumous conception

Who Should Attend

Attorneys and other professionals advising high net worth clients on estate planning including transfer tax matters

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1 hour of Ethics

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