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What You Will Learn 

How can a company deliver financial performance to its stakeholders while also communicating a sense of purpose? This program, a must-attend for CEOs, General Counsel, Board members, and anyone else who has a stake in the future direction of a company, will answer that question by bringing together a seasoned faculty of experts to discuss key strategies that go into the development of a true, actionable corporate social responsibility, sustainability, and governance plan that will propel companies into the future.

How should companies address growing societal pressure on corporations to become more engaged? What responsibilities does a corporation have to society, and how should Management and Boards work together to successfully communicate the corporation’s CSR program and corresponding messaging to shareholders, employees, customers and the communities in which it is based? How does addressing these issues translate into long-term growth for the company? Attend this program, and learn how Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) is changing investment management and corporate behavior

Topics Include 

  • What constitutes a valid and robust corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability program?
  • What is driving employee, shareholder, and investor expectations around social responsibility and sustainability?
  • Corporate governance issues: Creating a long-term strategy and actively involving the Board
  • Dealing with shareholders, including employees and activists
  • Environmental issues: How should companies assess, measure, and engage with these matters?
  • Understanding and getting ahead of labor, employment, and automation issues that have long-term growth consequences 

Who Should Attend 

This program is a must for CEOs, General Counsel, Board members, shareholders, and lawyers advising those parties.

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