7-Hour Program

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In addition to the credits listed to the right, this program also offers credit for CFP certification. ERISA Plan Investments in Financial Markets 2018: The Fundamentals has been approved by the CFP Board for 8.00 CE credits.

Why You Should Attend

ERISA plans are major investors in a constantly evolving financial marketplace. Both financial firms designing and selling financial products and plans purchasing financial products need to understand the inner workings of the products in order to analyze them under ERISA and ensure compliance. This course provides an in-depth look at the nuts and bolts of various financial instruments and investment vehicles and the ERISA issues that arise in connection with them. With each focusing on a different type of common plan investment, our panels of capital markets and ERISA experts will explore the interaction between ERISA and the Code and how financial products and markets actually work.

What You Will Learn

Alternating on a yearly basis with ERISA Fiduciary Investment Basics, this course will provide a more intensive “dive” into the many complicated investment structures available to plans and the application of the ERISA fiduciary rules to them. Between the two courses, you will be prepared to analyze the issues arising under ERISA in connection with financial products and to advise fiduciaries and financial firms on compliance.

Special Feature

Luncheon Case Study: New Financial Products and ERISA Plan Investment Compliance – Bitcoins; T Shares; Clean Shares

Who Should Attend

Practitioners in the field (or who are considering entering the field) seeking to gain a better understanding of financial products available in the marketplace and the regulatory issues that arise from plan investment.

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