1-Hour Program

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Many SPACs and former SPACs, as well as other mid-cap public companies, are considering financing through equity line financing arrangements. Equity line transactions are similar in many ways to the more common at-the-market offering structure but distinct in important respects. During this Briefing, the speakers will discuss the following:

  • Basic structure of an equity line – 10 minutes
  • SEC’s analysis of private equity lines – 10 minutes
  • Registration of securities sold in private equity line transactions – 10 minutes
  • Application of stock exchange rules to equity line financings – 10 minutes
  • Overview of recently launched equity line financings by SPACs and former SPACs – 10 minutes
  • Issues for financial institution purchasers to consider – 10 minutes


Program Level: Update

Prerequisites: None

Advanced Preparation: None




David S. Freed

Mayer Brown LLP


Steffen Hemmerich

Mayer Brown LLP


Brian D. Hirshberg

Mayer Brown LLP


Nikolai Utochkin

Nasdaq, Inc.

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