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Environmental considerations often play a critical role in M&A/Private Equity transactions, primarily because such issues can frequently be contentious and potential environmental liabilities surrounding such issues can be material. As a result, it is imperative that all the parties consider the various environmental issues that might arise when doing an M&A deal.

This program will address the more recent trends relating to some of these environmental issues such as predecessor and legacy environmental liability, emerging contaminants and potential risk trends, among other considerations.

What You Will Learn

• Diligence in a Low Information Environment
• Emerging Contaminants—PFAS
• Predecessor/Legacy Environmental Liability
• Potentially Troubling Risk Trends to Consider When Purchasing M&A-Related Environmental Insurance
• EHS Regulations and Liabilities Relating to Products
• ESG Trends in M&A/Private Equity

Who Should Attend

Lawyers practicing environmental law and engaging in M&A and private equity transactions with environmental law implications should find this program informative.


Credit Details

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