6-Hour Program

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Experienced entertainment attorneys and business executives will discuss legal, financial, business, and ethical issues in the practice of entertainment law, with a focus on new methods of delivery.

Day One –Sound Recordings and Music Publishing

The morning will be geared toward a basic understanding of an artist-record company agreement with a mock negotiation as the format, and will address current issues and trends in the record industry including digital distribution of sound recordings. The afternoon session will provide a basic understanding of music publishing terms and concepts, and will include a mock negotiation of an exclusive songwriter and co-publishing agreement.  Both panels will discuss the practical impact and legal implications of the digital delivery of music.

Day Two – TV, Video and UGC; Changing Media Delivery; Unions and Guilds; Ethics

The morning session will address high-level issues in entertainment industry transactions, and will cover legal and business issues and emerging trends in the television and video industries, including recent developments involving online video and user-generated content.  The afternoon session will start out by covering the transformation of media delivery methods including OTT’s, MCN’s & mobile-driven video, the rise of new media companies, and new media business models and economics. Current developments related to unions and guilds will follow and the program will conclude with a one-hour presentation on ethical considerations in the practice of entertainment law.  

Day Three – Book Publishing; Right of Publicity; Litigation Update in Mobile/Digital; Film

The morning will provide an overview of book publishing agreements and current developments in the publishing industry, followed by a review of the current state of right of publicity law and a comprehensive litigation update in mobile, cloud and digital/Internet entertainment. The afternoon will provide a basic understanding of motion picture deal terms and concepts, plus advanced film issues involving financing, production and distribution.

What You Will Learn

  • Learn strategies for working with clients navigating challenges related to television, music, publishing, theater, film and more
  • Review how the traditional media landscape is changing and learn how to address new media models
  • Hear practical tips regarding the many types of agreements involved across the entertainment industry
  • Earn one hour of ethics credit (day two only)

Credit Details

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