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Why You Should Attend

As companies look more toward renewable and other forms of distributed energy as a source of resiliency, cost control and facility control, the developers seeking to fulfill such ambitions often have an arduous task of obtaining financing for these dream projects.  As many have learned, project finance is not triggered as much by the desirability of these systems as they are will old-fashioned financial analysis related to the off-taker’s ability to pay for power now, and for the next 20 years. 

This program will examine project finance considerations from the perspective of counsel, lender and borrower to highlight the factors necessary to facilitate project funding.   

What You Will Learn

  • What a lender looks for in a PPA and other transactional documents relating to project development
  • What provisions look most desirable and least desirable to a project finance lender
  • How developers should negotiate underlying transactional documents to entice and not alienate lenders
  • Key forms of agreement a lender reviews in support of a project finance loan, and what are the pitfalls
  • How project finance differs from other forms of finance if there is a default or termination

Who Should Attend

Attorneys and professionals operating in the energy sector should find this program helpful.


Credit Details

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