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There is a national severe shortage of transplantable organs, and it is has never been more important that every person involved in the process of organ donation and transplantation, from the attorneys advising potential donors as they draft their estate planning documents or sign up on a donor registry, to hospital counsel, ethicists, medical staff and policy-makers, to understand the legal nature of the gift. The Briefing will provide an overview of the national organ donation system, how to document the gift, the interplay between the donation decision and other end of life decisions, and the state laws surrounding organ and tissue donation.  In properly facilitating a client’s wish to save lives through organ donation, attorneys have the rare chance to help save lives, and ensure the legacy of their clients.

Helen Irving of LiveOnNY and Christina W. Strong of the Law Office of Christina W. Strong, L.L.C. will:

  • Explain the National Organ Donation and Transplant Act, the Uniform Anatomical Gift Act, and other federal and state laws and systems governing organ and tissue donation
  • Discuss the role of the national and state donate life registries
  • Explore opportunities to ensure that the donor’s wishes are properly documented and upheld

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