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Working with legal teams can be an attorney's greatest pleasure or greatest burden--sometimes both in the same day. Whether managing up or managing down, your ability to be a team player or team leader can make the difference in your productivity, your job satisfaction, and your client's success. But high performance teams do not emerge overnight; they are the result of careful development and attention to team dynamics. In this One-Hour Briefing, you will learn how to build high-performance teams by applying successful models of management and organizational behavior from the fields of law and business.

Listen to attorney Ben Sachs, a professor at the University of Virginia School of Law, a business executive, and an expert on team management, as he discusses practical advice for building great teams, including:

  • How to empower legal teams with autonomy without reducing quality
  • How psychological safety and trust unlock high performance for any legal team
  • How to encourage legal team members to "think like CEOs" and demonstrate ownership beyond the scope of any single assignment
  • How to create a culture of constant improvement through continuous feedback from the legal team


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