This Studio Briefing features broad coverage of some of the most common issues and risks that employers face and how they may trigger employment practices liability insurance policy coverage. The discussion begins with a level-setting review of relevant employment law, potential exposures for employers and EPL insurance. Our experts then analyze defined terms, exclusions, contract claims and coverage of claims by third parties, among other related issues, providing practical tips and insights for attorneys engaged in this area of insurance practice.

What You Will Learn

• Overview of the risks employers face - Legal landscape of employment laws, Third party exposures
• Overview of EPL Insurance - Provides defense and indemnification for employment related claims not involving bodily injuries, Various forms – Package vs. standalone, Claims Made form
• Defined Terms to Trigger Coverage – Employee, Insured Person, Wrongful Employment Act, Claim, Damages
• Exclusions in Policy - Bodily injury, Carve back for emotional distress and mental anguish, Contractual liability and Breach of Employment Contract Claims unless liability in absence of contract, Malicious, fraudulent, and criminal acts or omissions of the insured are excluded, Punitive or exemplary damages, No coverage for injuries that occur during periods of strikes or labor disputes, Exclusions brought against an employer for unpaid overtime or other allegedly unpaid earnings, Claims under WARN, NLRA, FLSA etc.
• Coverage for Claims by Third Parties - Tenant discussion, Vendor/ Customer discrimination, Guests discrimination
• Closing reminders


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