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The workforce has evolved to include four distinct generational groups and now along comes Gen Z. Therein lies the challenge and the opportunity. Each generational cohort comes of age during distinct environmental circumstances; we are all products of our respective times. These circumstances shape our motivations, expectations, and workplace behaviors.

Chris DeSantis has scoured the literature on parenting, generational research, implications of a hybrid workplace and the ever-evolving American worker. He has developed a framework for understanding generational perspectives, clarifying the distinctions between actual and perceptional differences, when it makes sense to talk about these differences and when it doesn't.

This session is appropriate for attorneys across the country.  A sea change is afoot. Significant events are occurring which will impact the nature of work for the foreseeable future.  The presentation is divided into three “Acts” and titled as follows:

  • Act One: Embracing Generational Diversity (20 minutes)
  • Act Two: The Changing World of Work (25 minutes)
  • Act Three: Habits, Expectations, and Opportunities (15 minutes)


Who Should Attend:  Attorneys and professionals interested in understanding and embracing generational diversity.

Program Level: Overview

Prerequisites: None

Advanced Preparation: None



Chris De Santis

C.P. De Santis LLC


Robert J. Grey

Leadership Council on Legal Diversity


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