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Electronic information is now a feature in the investigation, prosecution, and defense of crimes. Electronic information raises issues about preservation and spoliation of that information as well discovery-related obligations and “cooperation” between the prosecution and the defense. Admissibility of electronic information can also present challenges for the prosecution and defense. This presentation will address these issues and will suggest strategies that might be useful to both prosecutors and defense counsel.

Please join expert faculty as they discuss:

  • Preservation and spoliation of electronic information (10 minutes)
  • Cooperation between prosecutors and defense counsel (15) minutes)
  • Admissibility of electronic information (15 minutes)
  • Conditions of probation and electronic monitoring (10 minutes)
  • Effective assistance of counsel with regard to electronic information (10 minutes)




Ronald J. Hedges

Dentons US LLP


Hon. Sohail Mohammed 

Superior Court of New Jersey, Criminal Division


Hon. Cathy L. Waldor

United States District Court, District of New Jersey


Hon. Christopher P. Yates

17th Circuit Court, Kent County, Michigan



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