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Conflicts of interest (“COI”) are one of the most common and potentially consequential risks facing organizations.  Designing and implementing effective compliance measures addressed to COIs can be very challenging.  In this Briefing, Jeffrey M. Kaplan and Rebecca Walker of Kaplan & Walker LLP will provide practical guidance on best practices in COI compliance, including:


  • The importance of conducting a COI risk assessment and how to do so
  • Keys to developing effective COI policies and procedures, including certification and disclosure practices
  • COI training and communication strategies
  • How to audit and monitor for COI compliance

The discussion will also include a “deep dive” into risks and compliance measures related to the employment of related persons and romantic partners.


Program Level:  Overview

Intended audience:  In-house counsel, compliance officers, outside attorneys, accountants and others with responsibility for implementation of compliance programs and other compliance controls

Prerequisites:  None

Advanced Preparation:  None

Credit Details

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