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To be effective communicators for clients inside and outside of the courtroom, lawyers must consider their role as public-facing spokespeople and how their words and actions can impact important stakeholders, including the media. 

Complex corporate issues and litigation are often played out in the public arena, requiring tight coordination between a company’s legal and communications teams. Please join communications experts Sydney Ann Neuhaus and Michael Mittelman, Esq., from the global strategic communications firm Finsbury to learn best practices for developing and delivering key messages, with an emphasis on interacting successfully with the media. The Briefing will cover:

  • Why reputation matters and how it can affect the legal strategy;
  • How legal and communications teams should work together to contain the reputational impact of a legal or other corporate crisis;
  • How to develop a communications plan to proactively support a litigation strategy;
  • How to deliver core messages clearly, concisely, consistently and in a manner that resonates with non-legal audiences, including the media; and
  • Strategies for handling tough questions from reporters while protecting legal privilege and confidentiality. 


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