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Why You Should Attend
One of a series of Studio Briefings covering economic development law and regulation, this episode focuses on common legal and regulatory issues that may arise when reviewing locations for a corporate site. The lasting impact of the COVID pandemic, work remote policies, accessing and attracting the right workforce and real estate and supply chain/manufacturing issues will be discussed, among other important factors and their impacts on the decision-making.

What You Will Learn
• How has COVID 19 impacted corporate site location projects?
• How does reshoring of the manufacturing supply chain factor in?
• Is the availability of real estate or a skilled workforce a larger issue for corporate site location projects?
• How will Work-From-Home impact corporate site location projects?
• What is the largest factor impacting corporate site location decisions?
Who Should Attend
Attorneys engaged in labor and employment, real estate, manufacturing and supply chain matters as well as general corporate law should find this program to be informative.


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