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This course is designed for anyone who wants to learn more about how to meet the unique challenges posed by pro bono clients.

Why you should participate

Participants will learn how to develop and execute a strategy for handling domestic violence cases in court, including preparing clients for court, negotiating on behalf of clients, representing clients in court, and helping clients understand what court decisions mean and how to move forward.

What You Will Learn

After completing this program, participants will be able to

  • Develop a theory of the case that fits the pattern of evidence
  • Identify remedies that are supported by the law and the client’s needs and life goals
  • Prepare the client to give testimony to support the theory of the case and the requested remedies
  • Prepare the client to feel more comfortable and confident with the courtroom experience
  • Negotiate with the clients’ abusers or their representatives prior to hearings
  • Present your theory of the case and evidence to the court
  • Examine your client and other witnesses to elicit the necessary information
  • Cross-examine the respondent to support your theory of the case
  • Inform a client about the outcome of the hearing and what to do going forward

Special features

This program is from PLI's Interactive Learning Center. It offers a high level of participant engagement and requires more program interactions than a traditional program.

Who Should Attend

Attorneys working for organizations providing legal services to domestic violence survivors and attorneys who serve or would like to provide pro bono assistance domestic violence survivors.

Timed Agenda

  1. Developing a Theory of the Case (40 Minutes)
  2. Preparing for Court (26 Minutes)
  3. Negotiation (13.5 Minutes)
  4. Presenting Your Theory in Court (16.5 Minutes)
  5. Examining Witnesses (34.5 Minutes)
  6. Capstone Activity (30.5 Minutes)
  7. Wrapping Up (13 Minutes)

Total Estimated Time to complete this Program: 2 hours 54 minutes

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