3-Hour Program

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Please note that the first segment of this program doesn't offer Bias or Diversity credit in most jurisdictions. Check the Credit Details for information about the type and amount of MCLE credit offered for the rest of the program. 

Law continues to be one of the least diverse professions in the United States, and the challenges of creating an inclusive law office environment continue. In this year’s “Diversity & Inclusion in Law Practice” program, a faculty of attorneys and diversity professionals will discuss important recent legal developments that impact diversity, the benefits and challenges of generational diversity, and practical suggestions for achieving a sustainable, diverse legal and compliance workplace.


What You Will Learn

  • Recent legal developments that impact diversity, including important  Supreme Court decisions 
  • Benefits and challenges of the multigenerational law office; how can the law office best address generational differences 
  • Practical steps and candid evaluation of practices and programs that work to advance recruitment, retention and leadership 


Who Should Attend

This program will be of great interest to all legal professionals concerned about issues of diversity and inclusion in the workplace, including partners and associates, in-house counsel, diversity directors, and professionals working in government or nonprofit organizations. 


**Scholarships to participate in this program are available to nonprofit, legal services and other qualifying individuals.  For more information and to apply please visit: https://learning.pli.edu/scholarship


Credit Details

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