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As we continue to adjust to the ongoing pandemic, Boards must grapple with ever-changing expectations and responsibilities, including oversight of complex operational issues, risk management, board succession, audit committee oversight, executive compensation, disclosure and responsiveness to and communication with shareholders pressing different concerns. In addition, new laws and regulations, and pressure from institutional shareholders, have put new requirements on companies and on boards. Looking forward, what additional changes can boards expect to face? At this renowned Institute, leading corporate governance experts — directors, government officials, corporate counsel, and consultants — will share their perspectives on successfully navigating the ongoing pandemic, meeting enhanced ESG expectations, the fast-changing regulatory environment, and the steps boards will want to consider to meet these ever changing expectations and pressures.

What You Will Learn

• Privacy, Data Localization, Cybersecurity and Beyond: The Board’s Role in Overseeing Privacy and Data Security

• Shareholder Relationships and Investor Engagement

• Criminal and regulatory enforcement concerns for corporate directors: What should they be focused on and how should they handle allegations of corporate misconduct?

• Hot Topics for Boards

• ESG Issues for Directors

• Compensation Committee: Successfully Adapting to Change

Special Feature

Keynote Q&A: Prof. Joseph A. Grundfest and the Hon. Robert J. Jackson, Jr.


Program Level: Update

Intended Audience: This program is designed for those sitting in the boardroom, in addition to experienced corporate and securities attorneys with responsibility for advising officers, directors and other senior company officials on their governance matters and issues.

Prerequisites: A background in governance issues, and advising Boards.

Advanced Preparation: None 

Credit Details

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