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We live in an age of digital information of increasing volumes and varieties. These “Digital Assets” have become a daily part of our lives, the preservation of which can be a feature of someone’s estate or care planning.  These assets are maintained by online providers who come to the table with their own concerns of preservation. Key issues may arise for planning purposes such as:

  • Which online providers are providing a “license to use” versus “right to use” of digital media and why that distinction is important? [10 minutes]
  • What are some of the Terms and Conditions utilized by some of the most common online providers? [20 minutes]
  • What barriers do these “Terms and Conditions” create for fiduciaries and can they be overcome? If so, how? [30 minutes]

Join expert faculty for an in-depth discussion on these issues and other relevant concerns that may be facing estate planning and fiduciary professionals.


Program Level: Update

Intended Audience: Attorneys, accountants, CPAs, estate-planning and financial-planning professionals

Prerequisites: None

Advanced Preparation: None



Ronald J. Hedges, Dentons US LLP

Brittany J. Maxey-Fisher, Maxey-Fisher, PLLC

Stacey L. Turmel, The Internet is for Everyone, LLC





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