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This year’s program will examine recent developments in several key areas of antitrust reflected in recent decisions as well as vigorous enforcement in the U.S. and around the world. Nationally known practitioners and senior government enforcement officials will report on and explore developments in competitor relationships, including cartels and other per se antitrust violations, as well as the antitrust implications of joint ventures and other competitor collaborations; the legality of various vertical restraints on customers and suppliers; current merger analysis and enforcement; standards for compliance with U.S. price discrimination laws; and the strategies and priorities of the antitrust enforcers. 

What You Will Learn 

After completing this program, participants will be able to: 

• Understand recent decisions addressing: 
o Standards for per se and rule of reason analysis 
o Conspiracy law and competitor relationships 
o Joint ventures and other business collaborations 
o Resale price maintenance, tying and bundling arrangements, monopolization, and attempted monopolization 
o Mergers, acquisitions and similar combinations 
o Trade associations, standard-setting and industry cooperation 
o Intersection of Intellectual Property and Antitrust law 
• Learn about current federal, state and non-U.S. enforcement priorities 
• Review Robinson-Patman law on price and non-price discrimination 
• Hear about antitrust enforcement priorities from state and federal regulators 


Program Level: Overview   

Prerequisites: An understanding of fundamental antitrust law and applicable regulations. 

Advanced Preparation: None 

Credit Details

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