1-Hour Program

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Every minute counts for busy legal professionals managing large portfolios. This fast-paced and practical hour will introduce best practices to help you find more time in your day - starting immediately following the presentation! If you're tried several strategies, but still feel strapped for time, this is the session for you. 

Ann Gomez of Clear Concept Inc. and Lenora Ausbon-Odom of DLA Piper will help you:

  • Learn the ART of delegating (Assign, Review, Teach) to better leverage this powerful strategy when working with and mentoring associates
  • Identify opportunities to simplify your busy days by streamlining, scaling back and seeking help with calendar deadlines
  • Embrace the power of focus, while still remaining appropriately responsive when counseling clients
  • Create a proactive routine focused on your core priorities, including both billable and non-billable work
  • Balance big projects and deadlines with short, necessary tasks (such as client emails)
  • Make a bigger impact with the same (or even less!) effort and reclaim your home/law office balance


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