6-Hour Program

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With the Administration and the Department of Homeland Security focused on enforcement and deportation initiatives, non-citizens facing removal are in need of competent and knowledgeable representation. Studies have shown that those without legal representation face a significantly higher risk of removal, regardless of eligibility for relief. In response to the acute need for trained attorneys to defend the record number of immigrants facing removal, prominent members of the bar and bench have called for more pro bono work to be done to fill the gap. At this program, expert practitioners will provide a comprehensive, nuts and bolts overview of potential avenues for relief and best practices for defending immigrants facing removal proceedings.

What You Will Learn

  • Anatomy of a removal case
  • Recent developments in asylum law
  • The nuts and bolts of cancellation of removal
  • Representing children or victims of crime
  • Representing the criminal defendant in removal proceedings
  • Ethical issues and immigration law

Credit Details

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