1-Hour Program

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This One-Hour Briefing will provide a brief overview of deal structures and compliance considerations when dealing with existing public debt.   

Please join for a discussion addressing:

  • Deal Structuring Issues for High Yield and Investment Grade Bonds
    • Key Bond Covenants
    • Portable Capital Structures / Change of Control Put or Repurchase Offer
  • Repaying Public Debt
    • Redemptions
    • Debt Tenders
    • Satisfaction and Discharge
    • Defeasance
  • Event Analysis
    • Asset Sales
    • Late Reports
    • Consents

Program Level: Overview
Intended Audience: In-house counsel, outside attorneys, board members, corporate officers, accountants and other allied financial professionals participating in transactions involving take out and/or structuring of public debt, including compliance considerations under such debt
Prerequisites: None
Advanced Preparation: None

Credit Details