1-Hour Program

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Data breaches and data protection laws are frequently in the news, as businesses struggle to protect confidential information from hackers and other unauthorized disclosures and to comply with the GDPR’s regulatory maze.  This One-Hour Briefing will explore why cybersecurity and data protection are important in international arbitration, as well as how arbitral institutions, arbitrators, counsel, and the parties are responding (and should respond) to these new challenges.   

Topics to be addressed include:

  • Why are cybersecurity and data privacy an issue in international arbitration? 
  • What is the impact of GDPR and other data protection laws on international arbitration?
  • What is the responsibility of the parties, counsel, and arbitrators to protect confidential information and to comply with data protection laws? 
  • What practical steps should the parties, counsel, and arbitrators take to increase the security of data transfers and data storage?
  • What should arbitral institutions do?


Mark C. Morril, Independent Arbitrator and Mediator, Morril ADR, New York, NY, and member, ICCA Working Group on Cybersecurity in Arbitration

Kathleen Paisley, Partner, Ambos Law, Brussels, Belgium, and member, ICCA Working Group on Cybersecurity in Arbitration

David B. Wilson, Member, Sherman & Howard L.L.C., Denver, CO, and Co-Chair, ICC Task Force on the Use of Information Technology in International Arbitration and Member, EU-U.S. Privacy Shield List of Arbitrators


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