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With cybercrimes continuing to accelerate, many businesses have turned to cyber insurance to protect against unforeseen cyber-related losses.   To the surprise of many policyholders, cyber insurers have denied coverage for a large number of cyber insurance claims.   A survey of recent case law illustrates the variety of ways that insurers are attempting to avoid coverage.  Some of the reasons for denial are absurd (like an act of war) yet insurers are pushing them hard in litigation.  Equally perplexing, other reasons for denial are so broad (like the failure to follow state of the art cybersecurity measures) that they render coverage under the cyber insurance policies virtually meaningless.      

The objective of this presentation is to bring policyholders up to date on the state of cyber insurance claims.  Please join Mark E. Miller, founding partner of Miller Friel, PLLC, as he addresses:

  • Common kinds of cyber attacks;
  • Policies responding to such cyber attacks; and
  • The implications of recent insurance coverage case law. 


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