6-Hour Program

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Why You Should Attend

The global workplace is changing—more rapidly than expected. The global pandemic has thrust upon multinationals workplace changes that were only imagined a few months or years ago. This full day event will focus on key issues facing multinational employers. As always, we will bring together an impressive, first-class group of highly experienced and sophisticated practitioners, in-house counsel, and senior human resources executives from around the world. They will present, in a practical way, how best to advise the multinational employer, HR professional and employee on these critical issues and more.

What You Will Learn

  • Consider how companies function with remote workforces, the impact of technology, protection of trade secrets and privacy rights across the workforce, flexible working and the right to disconnect, and other key issues
  • Learn how our experts are managing, and surviving, a government audit or investigation; protecting data, gathering discovery and harmonizing practices across borders
  • Analyze privacy in the international workplace, including employees’ “digital footprints,” and restrictions on social media checks, monitoring of employee privacy, cross-border issues after the “privacy shield,” and privacy issues in working from home
  • Examine best practices when engaged in a cross-border workforce restructuring, including a merger or acquisition including but not limited to aligning global policies and practices pre- and post-restructuring.
  • Analyze key differences between U.S. and overseas legal frameworks and union/management relationships, multi-natiional unions, how unions and works councils differ, and how employers can most effectively work with unions and works councils
  • Discuss how multinationals, and the international legal community in particular, are responding to issues such as Black Lives Matter, and the push to increase diversity across borders

Special Features

  • Earn one hour of Diversity & Inclusion/Elimination of Bias credit
  • NY Transitional credit available, including up to two full hours of Professional Skills credit

Who Should Attend
General counsel and outside counsel for U.S. and overseas-based multinationals, in-house international and labor counsel, and human resources executives will benefit from this program  



Credit Details