6-Hour Program

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Why You Should Attend 

Employment law is no longer a local issue.  Global employers demand global solutions.  To begin with, multinationals must grapple with often conflicting standards for hiring, retaining, disciplining, and terminating employees. 

Multinationals also require coordinated global policies on time management, diversity and pay equity, executive compensation and internal investigations as well.  In addition, employment law professionals are more frequently called upon to assist their multinationals clients and employers on cross-border acquisitions and divestitures, and the labor and employment laws that may either help or hinder those plans. 

This program brings together highly experienced and sophisticated practitioners, in-house counsel, and senior human resources executives from around the world.  They will present, in a practical way, how best to advise the multinational employer on these critical issues and more.


What You Will Learn 

  • Different legal standards across borders for workplace dispute resolution, including employee terminations
  • Global diversity and pay equity considerations for multinational corporations
  • Cross-border investigations: What happens when employees and employers act badly?
  • International executive compensation hot topics
  • Gig economy considerations: Can the law catch up with the new reality?

Special Features

Earn one hour of Ethics credit exploring ethical challenges associated with technology, privacy and employee monitoring

Who Should Attend

General counsel and outside counsel for U.S. and overseas-based multinationals, in-house international and labor counsel, and human resources executives.


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