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The global workplace is changing—more rapidly than expected.  The global pandemic has thrust upon multinationals workplace changes that were only imagined a few months or years ago. 

This half -day event will focus on two issues of particular interest at this time. 

The first, “The Future of Work Across Borders,” is more current than ever.  Our distinguished panel of experts will focus on how companies are functioning with largely remote workforces; the impact of technology, and protection of trade secrets and privacy rights across the workforce; the increased influences of automation and artificial intelligence; and flexible working and the right to disconnect.

The second topic, “Diversity & Inclusion in the Global Legal Workplace,” has also presented itself by virtue of the George Floyd killing and the increased visibility of Black Lives Matter.  We will discuss how multinationals, and the international legal community in particular, are responding to these issues across borders; the role of D & I in law firm/corporate counsel culture; regulatory influence; and global challenges for the legal community (how businesses manage culture and D & I at scale).

This program brings together highly experienced and sophisticated practitioners, in-house counsel, and senior human resources executives from around the world.  They will present, in a practical way, how best to advise the multinational employer, HR professional and employee on these critical issues and more.

What You Will Learn 

  • The future of work:  has it arrived?  What’s next?  How businesses can respond to rapid change
  • The new urgency of D&I in the legal profession: legal issues and best practices

Special Feature 

  • Earn one hour of Diversity & Inclusion/Elimination of Bias credit 

Credit Details

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