1-Hour Program

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Why You Should Attend 

The novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) leveled considerable impacts to the real estate industry and the real estate bar continues to address these challenges.  This program is one of a series of Studio Briefings focused on key real estate practice issues that have been affected in novel ways by COVID-19.  This program focuses on force majeure clauses in insurance policies pertaining to construction loans and leases and their pre and post COVID treatment in real estate practice.   

What You Will Learn 

• Force majeure/impossibility pre-COVID legal landscape 
• Force majeure clauses in construction loans 
• Force majeure clauses in leases
• Post-COVID legal landscape - case law to date 
• What parties are negotiating for in leases post-COVID 

Who Should Attend 

Real estate and insurance law attorneys should find this program to be informative.  

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