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An informative discussion of the interplay between lawyers and communications professionals during the singular incident and full-scale crisis stages.  A senior lawyer and seasoned communications expert - each with extensive crisis management experience - share how these vital roles can best work together when helping clients navigate crises of various types.

What You Will Learn

  • What is a crisis and how is it defined?
  • When a crisis emerges, senior management often is quite stressed, lawyers typically want to know the facts before acting, and communications wants to get a statement out yesterday. From your perspective, how can Communications professionals and lawyers work together more effectively in a time like this?
  • How should a company’s value statement affect its crisis response? Does that matter from a Communications perspective? Does it matter from a Legal perspective?
  • If a crisis is brewing internally and hasn’t yet hit the media, should a company deal with it with the same urgency as it would an external crisis? Do you find that the approach recommended by Communications professionals differs from the approach recommended by lawyer
  • How do Communications professionals and Lawyers work together in a way that preserves the attorney client privilege over communications by the lawyers?
  • How should companies deal with fake news in a crisis? What are some of the potential hazards in addressing fake news directly, and what approaches do you recommend? Does that typically conflict with the approach lawyers recommend?
  • Communications professionals and lawyers often see corporate “apologies” in a slightly different light. Why do you think that is? Do you think companies typically do a good job with apologizing? How can they come across as sincere, rather than wooden?
  • Crisis learning phase – How does a company learn from a crisis from a legal and communications standpoint?


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