3-Hour Program

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This program will offer expert insights into recent whistleblower developments that have shaped the current risk landscape. Leading whistleblower law practitioners, including current and former regulators, will provide in-depth perspectives on recent regulatory and legal developments, including the current and future direction of the federal whistleblower bounty and protection programs, what to expect in regulatory enforcement developments in the coming year, and best practices in responding to whistleblower reports. The program will also review the ethical challenges of prosecuting and defending whistleblower claims and offer practical strategies for managing them.

What You Will Learn
After completing this program, participants will be able to:

  • Review protections and incentives available to corporate whistleblowers
  • Follow the current priorities and agendas of the SEC, CFTC and Department of Labor’s whistleblower programs including recent amendments to the SEC program
  • Analyze trends and issues the private plaintiffs’ whistleblower bar are seeing
  • Review the latest administrative law and recent case law developmentsDiscuss ethical issues that arise in whistleblower representations

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